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Realms / Planes of Existence     There are four planes of existence in the Universe of Lunarath. These are: Perstir (Blood. Pærztyr) also known as The Overworld and The Material plane, is where humans, elves, dwarves and other mortal beings live and die. Raefir (Blood. Ræþyr) also known as The Spirit Realm is the […]


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The Blessing Doesn’t grant you magic, just the ability to use it. – Archmage Rissa In the Age of Creation when the Divine Orbs were formed, much more creatures and nature started roaming the world. The Orbs had a small role, magic could be used but the energy of the world was empty and abandoned. […]


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Lunarath is the meaning of identity, it comes from the Doldr’i word for identity because the Doldr’i believes that the existence of everything comes from identity and the identity of the existence was the first thing to ever exist.  – Gatte Lunarath is the fictional world or plane/realm of existence that encompases Perstir, Raefir, Parastir, […]


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Eclipe takes place in ‘Eclipe’, where peace and stability is threatened by the ongoing war between Huge Empire called The Summerfall Empire, a huge city called Komohal and a Tribe Union called Fistdraw, as well as the Esperit (Esperit basically means God) of Chaos and War who is the game’s main antagonist also called ‘Xoarihn’. […]