it is now the sixth year of the third era. The God of War and Chaos has aquired his Chaos helmet, and the threat of War looms over the continent of Eclipe.

The player starts in the middle of an attack on his city by the Komohalian Empire. Our hero “Cleon” lost his final family member, his grandma, and never wants to lose anyone again which is what drives him. To make matters worse, the evil Esperit (God) is planning to set prophecy in action. The prophecy that the Rift to the spirit realm will open up in the sky and unleash its demeons upon Eclipe.

Cleon later learns that he has divine blood and is in family with Xoarihn (The Esperit of War and Chaos) and therefore is there only known person able to defeat Xoarihn, but cleon needs divine power to defeat divine power and therefore goes on a journey to get the eight divine orbs.


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