Realms / Planes of Existence

    There are four planes of existence in the Universe of Lunarath. These are:

  • Perstir (Blood. Pærztyr) also known as The Overworld and The Material plane, is where humans, elves, dwarves and other mortal beings live and die.
  • Raefir (Blood. Ræþyr) also known as The Spirit Realm is the realm of spirits. Raefir is the largest plane by far, and also home to other smaller realms.
  • Togolir (Blood. Togolyr) also known as The Void or The Nothing is the empty space around the planes.
    • Parastir (Blood. Paraztyr) also known as The Underworld is the place where dead souls have been drawn.
    • Phonir (Blood. Þonyr) also known as Phon, is the world where worthy people of the Phonental Religion’s fate have been drawn.

Eras / Time Periods

These are Eras:

  • The Age of Creation
  • The Age of the first
  • The Age of War
  • The New Era (Settling Era)
  • The First Era
  • The Second Era (Past Attack)
  • The Third Era (Post Attack)

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