Eclipe takes place in ‘Eclipe’, where peace and stability is threatened by the ongoing war between Huge Empire called The Summerfall Empire, a huge city called Komohal and a Tribe Union called Fistdraw, as well as the Esperit (Esperit basically means God) of Chaos and War who is the game’s main antagonist also called ‘Xoarihn’.

Eclipe is the Central and Holy continent and home to the Contries of Zomral, Komo and Forali. The continent consists of mountains, volcanos, plains, forests and such. It’s full of fantastic creatures and nature. Dragons are roaming the skies and humans are all over the land. These fantastic creatures can be; dragons, phoenixes, griffins, treants and much more.

There are dungeons, temples, puzzles and much much more to explore.


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